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Strategic partnership

Want to partner with a company that's not your competitor?

Inter-company collaboration

Working together for the best

Are you looking for strategic partners to strengthen your business, brand and visibility? We're open to atypical and innovative collaborations. Associations, companies or institutions, fill in our contact form now and let's see if we can create some beautiful things and collaborate together.


Collaboration offers an opportunity for rapid expansion, enabling companies to leverage their partner's resources, skills and network, accelerating mutual growth.


By working together, we can stimulate innovation by combining our ideas, expertise and technologies. This encourages the creation of innovative products or services, offering a unique advantage in the marketplace.

New markets

By joining forces, we can access new markets more effectively. This can be particularly beneficial when penetrating foreign markets, where local understanding and relationships are crucial.

Innovating together

Our collaborations

Discover the different collaborations we've achieved. Together, let's build sustainable projects and fruitful opportunities for our respective communities.

ONF de France

Since 2018


Since 2022


Since 2017


Since 2020

Gites de France

Since 2017

Région Grand Est

Since 2023


Since 2021

Ocean Clean Up

Since 2020

Régions de France

Since 2024

BPI France

Since 2021

Réseau Initiative

Since 2022

French Tech

Since 2019

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