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Bring back to the basics

Today's society is awash with paradoxes, and a large percentage of human beings are unhappy and overwhelmed because they can no longer keep up with the forced pace of a certain progressivism. Is this the case for you?

Master the spheres of your life

Découvrez nos solutions pour éliminer l’inutile de votre vie et passer au niveau supérieur.


Transform your life with our personalized coaching sessions! Whether you're looking to reach new professional heights, enrich your relationships or find the perfect balance in your life, our tailor-made coaching sessions are the keys to your success. With an empathetic, results-oriented approach, we'll help you define and achieve your most ambitious goals.


Develop your skills at your own pace with our cutting-edge e-learning courses. Designed to suit all learning styles, our online courses give you the freedom to learn when and where you want, without compromising on quality or depth. Our e-learning platform is your gateway to achieving your goals.


Take up the challenge with our outdoor Bootcamp events, which merge adventure, intensive learning and personal development in a breathtaking natural setting! Designed for those looking to get off the beaten track, our events combine rigorous training sessions with stimulating activities via unique workshops, all in the great outdoors.

After five years of research and development, we've created a unique range of support services, capable of solving all your life's problems in a sustainable way. No empty words, no lies, no empty promises. Just straightforward, strategic support to help you eliminate the superfluous.

Our coaching strategy, which combines teaching and action, allows you to combine the useful with the pleasurable in a timeless way. And this by learning to put into practice all the everyday rudiments that have always been there, but that you just don't see. Because your life is like a business: it needs to be structured if it is to progress. But without the right tools to build the walls, you can always wait for a miracle to happen.

Building your life and solving your problems is simply a matter of knowing how to use them. Without understanding patterns and situations, you won't get anywhere. So if you're living from day to day without knowing who you are or what you really want, it's normal to feel disconnected and waste your time and money.

As a result, our innovative support program goes far beyond simple therapy, because we believe that you are not ill, but simply lost.

And that's why we're here. Because we want to help you restore meaning to your life, rediscover happiness and realize your wildest dreams. By eliminating damaging behaviors, we help you break free from the indifference and inaction that are holding you back. What if we could help you get out of it?

Let's make a lasting improvement to your wheel of life

Mastering the fundamentals

Learn to master the fundamentals of everyday life and confidently navigate through the challenges you face. From time management to effective communication, our coaching will help you acquire the skills you need to thrive in every aspect of your life. So take back control now and discover how to achieve all your goals and objectives more simply.

Understanding cause and effect

At Rémi Ledé, we help you understand the roots of your life problems. By delving into your motivations, fears and thought patterns, we can identify the obstacles that stand in the way of your personal fulfillment. Free yourself from repetitive cycles and discover sustainable solutions for a fulfilling future. Stop letting unresolved issues dictate your life.

Minimalism is the key

Free yourself from the superfluous and embrace minimalism. Using a systemic approach, we guide you and teach you how to eliminate the unnecessary from your life. Gain the performance and efficiency you need to reach your goals with ease, by getting rid of all those useless things that keep you going in circles rather than making progress.

Discover with us the power of minimalism and put together in your mind the habits, skills and reflexes to make success part of your routine. After all, it is possible to achieve all those things that society wants to sell you on a daily basis, as long as you have the right strategies in mind. Our job: to help you bring order and coherence to the social chaos experienced by 9 billion people.

Evolve or regress

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Life is an adventure

You only have one life. Don't waste it on futile things.

Our support

Discover some of the benefits of an adventure coaching experience.

Transcendental simplicity

Minimalist coaching offers an experience stripped of unnecessary distractions, allowing you to focus fully on the essentials of your personal and professional growth.

Versatile helper

Thanks to a multi-support, multi-domain approach, you benefit from a holistic approach that takes into account all aspects of your life, enabling you to be efficient.

Total immersion in daily action quotidienne

Immersion enables you to immediately apply coaching lessons to your daily life, promoting on-the-job learning that will give you reliable results.

Save time, money and energy

By focusing on the essentials and avoiding complex methods, minimalist coaching enables you to make effective progress without getting lost in superfluous actions.

An unforgettable, atypical experience

Minimalist, immersive life coaching helps you clarify your goals, identify your priorities and have experiences that fuel the courage to live your life to the full.

Flexibility and adaptability

With our approach, you're finally free to adapt the coaching process to your specific needs and personal pace, giving you total flexibility for better learning.

Your free diagnosis

Take the first step towards a more serene life by booking your consultation with our adventure life coach. Discover personalized tools to overcome your challenges and rediscover your inner well-being. Take the first step towards a more fulfilled life, and get the answers to those questions that are still lingering in the back of your mind.

If you've ever felt that burning desire to explore new perspectives, understand your own limits and overcome obstacles, our coach is here to guide you with kindness and expertise. You deserve to live life to the full, and our program offers you the concrete means to realize your deepest aspirations.

Why choose us?

Expert in immerso-transformation

Our multi-support approach gives you the flexibility to choose how you want to be helped. From one-to-one to e-learning or immersion bootcamp, you'll experience something that will change your life in a positive and lasting way. Clearly, you'll no longer see adult coaching as psychotherapy, but rather as something fun.

The only ones to combine coaching and adventure

Imagine going on a unique getaway to atypical places around the world, while learning how to solve your life challenges as a group, thanks to gamification. In small or large groups, experience the must-have of travel with us, while living the coaching experience in a different way. Because if running away doesn't solve your problems, with us you can experience things differently, and enjoy becoming someone and evolving.

The only HP for hypersensitive people

As High Potentials, we're here especially for hypersensitive, atypical, fragile, suffering or troubled women and men. Why us? We're also part of that part of the population that operates differently from the norm. As a result, we fully understand you where others are still overwhelmed. What's more, unlike other atypical profiles, we HPIs have already figured out all those things you might still be stuck on. So, what could be better than to be accompanied by experts in well-being and support? If that sounds like you, then good news, because you don't have to look any further - you've just found us. Translated with DeepL.com (free version)

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