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Coaching transforms obstacles into opportunities and helps individuals understand the basics.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching is a unique way of identifying your aspirations, overcoming your challenges and developing a concrete, personalized action plan, capable of taking you from situation A, to situation B. Imagine having someone who believes in you and can help you realize your dreams and goals. Whether in your personal or professional life, it's possible today.

Group coaching

Group coaching is an opportunity to progress together towards our common goals. Imagine joining a small, dynamic group where everyone finds the support and advice they need to move forward. Likewise, take the opportunity to meet new people and connect with others like you. Together, we encourage each other to achieve our aspirations. Ready to be part of a community dedicated to personal growth and collective success ?

Listening and empathy

The Listening and Empathy program offers a safe space where you can be heard without judgment. Imagine being able to say everything you have to say? To have someone there just to listen and help you unburden yourself? Present to help you confide in someone and let out all the things you've never been able to get out, because no one was really there for you? With Ecoute et empathie we've decided to let you have your say, for 45 minutes.

Home coaching

While home coaching is well known in the world of sport, or if you've ever seen social workers, or those working with the elderly, go into people's homes to help them on a day-to-day basis, personal development coaching at home doesn't yet exist. That's where we decided to innovate. Because theory from books is good, but putting things into practice in the field, and with a coach, is better.

Premium Coaching 1.6

In the age of personal development, we're redefining standards. Discover our exclusive customized coaching offer, a premium experience designed especially for you, without compromise. This exclusive offer, starting at €6,000, transcends the concept of traditional coaching. It's much more than a service, it's a partnership dedicated to sculpting your future with precision.

How does a coaching session work ?

Step 1 : Assessing the situation

The coach and client work together to clarify the specific objectives to be achieved.

Step 2 : Planning and strategies

Once the objectives have been defined, the coach works with the customer to draw up a detailed action plan.

Step 3 : Implementation and ongoing monitoring

The coach offers support, by e-mail or SMS, with advice and accountability along the way. Regular sessions enable progress to be assessed, strategies adjusted if necessary, and successes celebrated.

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